The Ajob Services.


With almost 30 years experience with the freight industry our business has grown through recommendation and referral.  Our clients enjoy increased productivity thanks to our sales support service. Our clients and candidates enjoy a professional, confidential service when using our recruitment service.  Whether you turn to to boost your sales or to solve all of your recruitment needs, you can be assured that you will be valued and appreciated.

How do you maintain and, even, improve your sales during the credit crunch? And how do you achieve this without increasing your cost base? Could outsourcing be the answer? The beauty of outsourcing sales is increased flexibility. You may need only 20 hours one month but 60 the next, and so on, depending on the specific demands of your ongoing projects.

With outsourcing you also gain the scope to experiment with the sales projects that you choose to attack. If the results from any one project are not what you expect, you can simply stop, regroup and then start again once you have the next project set up. Outsourcing often offers the most cost effective way to improve your sales and increase revenue. Outsourcing offers a flexible approach with low outgoing costs. In addition, you don’t have the laborious tasks of advertising, interviewing, and vetting for a full -time member of staff to work in-house, with all the potential pitfalls that employing your own staff brings.

We have spent many years involved with recruitment and sales, and I understand how hard it can be to find the right sales people.

Budgeting for sales expenditure becomes easier after a few months gaining experience and building a relationship with us. You’ll soon gain a reliable picture of what results to expect from your sales team. If your sales needs an extra push at anytime, you can schedule some more resource for the next few months. Conversely, if you find that you need to step back at any stage, then you can just as easily reduce the outsourced hours for a while.